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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

“Only if we understand can we care. Only if we care will we help. Only if we help shall they be saved.”
– Dr. Jane Goodall, primatologist.

This site is for your Posts and suggestions of ways our People Power can make a difference using petitions, demonstrations, or any other moral or legal means to insure Equal Human Rights for all the people.

We will not be asking you for money but will be as self sufficient as possible, we will welcome free will donations from your surplus only, and  used as most needed,  but we are planing to do what we can with as little as possible, by helping to build a human network of volunteers world-wide to increase the Human Rights for us all, where most needed.

This being a site for the poorest of the poor, as well as the rich of the richest, there should not be, will not be membership dues.

We urge you to commit to network first with your own small trusted group and encourage you to use your time and talents to networking with each others in your own communities, but to equally help where you see a  need world wide.

There is enough abundance in our world that each should have a right, even if unable to work, are too sick, or too young,  to have a safety net of enough food, shelter, clothing not to have to starve, as the 25,000 children who are now starving each day, and millions more who are going to bed hungry each night!

If you have a natural human heart, as most do, unless it has been badly hurt or damaged, you will want to do something when you realize the enormity of our situation. Be sure to read the post left on this main page of The World In Miniature.

We all have to do our part to protect our rights or face losing them. There is plenty of evidence they are being taken away, if you don’t believe that check out the evidence not only here, in these post, but in many places. You won’t hear much of it from the main line media as most are owned by the top 2% shareholders who have controlling stock.

The best and maybe only way to protect the rights of all people is by networking the Power of non-violently insisting, by petitioning, demonstrating, or legally in what ever moral way possible, that requires a network with others you can trust, and call on for help to protect Equal Human Rights of all.

We are here to help form networks of those who see the need to form their own  Group of family and/ or trusted friends of not more than 10-12, for easy voting ,and deciding when and where to act.

At least one in each group will need to keep contact with other groups on a local, national, and/or worldwide level for best kind of networking with others.

People’s Power works best when many can act together for a common cause, with access to instant information and networking.
Our rights are systematically being eroded away by the few who own or control over 90% of our economy and resources, best meant for the benefit of all, not just a very few, leaving over half the world on a starvation diet, where only 30% of the world are allowed to learn to read or write because forced into slave labor as young as 5-6 now. Intention is to squeeze even more into lower wages and higher profits.

Only People’s Power becoming aware and networking with others, can turn the tide away from their selfish and destructive power grabs.



Check out this Pledge of Allegiance,                                                                  from www.WorldParliment-gov.org

A Pledge of Allegiance to the Federation of Earth
I pledge allegiance to the Constitution for the Federation of Earth,
And to the Republic of free world citizens for which it stands,
One Earth Federation, protecting by law, the rich diversity of the Earth’s citizens,
One Earth Federation, protecting the precious ecology of our planet.
I pledge allegiance to the World Parliament representing all nations and peoples,
And to the democratic processes by which it proceeds,
One law for the Earth, with freedom and equality for all.
 One standard of justice, with a bill of rights protecting each.
 I pledge allegiance to the future generations protected by the Earth Constitution,
 And to the unity, integrity, and beauty of humankind, living in harmony on the Earth,
 One Earth Federation, conceived in love, truth, and hope, with peace and prosperity for all.
Name (print)_____________________
Copy and Send to Dr. Glen T. Martin,
313 Seventh Ave.,
Radford, VA,
Be sure to visit them for more worthwhile information.
Consider becoming a Citizen of our whole world rather than to remain psycologicaly divided by our present war like nations of competition, and inequality, instead of a better for all, mutual cooperation.
The majority of people have been pitted against each other for too long mostly just to increase the profit of a few.
This could be a most important first necessary step to True Democracy, Freedom, and Equal Rights for All.
Don’t dismiss it lightly!