Spiritual Solutions To World Problems

Those who find God are those who seek God, not because they are just
looking or  need something, but because they want to know the author of
all things, their Heavenly Mother, as well as Father, and to have the best
possible friend!
This is true of most anything “seek and you shall find” as Jesus said!
It is from the abundance of our heart, one we fill with hope or with too
many negative expectations that determines or colors what we see.
So have a thankful heart for all you do have, for all that you see, even being thankful for trials in life, is one of the best and fastest ways to feel close to God!
Fill up your spare time with Praise.
Be Thankful in all circumstances, for God can bring good from all things.
Sing Praises with even our dying breath, knowing Heaven is better than here
and worth being willing to live, at peace with yourself, with others, to follow
the Creator of all that is good!
God is our Mother as well as Father!
For thousands of years we have been led to think of God as only a male,
this is a false Image of God, the sin of Idolatry.
God, who is our Heavenly Parent. Has both male and female qualities,
equally The Creator of both male and female and all the stages in between.
This diversity we can observe in nature as well as within ourselves.
Human males have some degree of female hormones, just as females also
have a varying percentage of male hormones but we tend to be primarily
female, or most of the other half, primarily male, especially during the reproductive times of our life.
At early and later stages of our lives, we are less different!
We were created to complement, not to compete, to be cooperative, and
when we are not equally respected or given equal rights, opportunity, our culture, beliefs, treatment of each other becomes unbalanced, and we all
suffer from it!
We have been living unbalanced in war like lives for thousands of years. It is time we grow up. To emotionally, Spiritually Mature! 
Stop competing and start cooperating.
The sin of male idolatry or female inequality, has caused all kinds of wrong thinking in our marriages, power systems, and in our treatment of each other.
Partiality or inequality that causes injustice is not from God, but from the male customs and traditions created by scriptures and religions written and interpreted by males only.
It is very easy to misunderstand or misuse the few actual words God has
spoken to humankind. As confirmed by the Universal Golden Rule and
message Jesus and the good Prophets have left us confirms a God who loves
all people, the sinners, as well as the self-righteous, for in this human
physical life there is no everyday perfection.
Perfection is few and far between. The summary of Jesus teachings is to
Love a God of Holy Love and to Love One Another.
Very similar to The Golden Rule found in all the great world religions,
which is the universal message from God to treat others as you would
most want to be treated.
Common sense tells us it is the wholeness of both the male and female that makes up the best that is within us, for what is a Father without a Mother?
While it is possible for a Mother to fill a Father’s role, as well as be a Mother,
and visa versa, it is an extra burden and more difficult, not the ideal, to be successful we need the extra Grace only God can give us, when it is necessary!
You can personally experience that special kind of God’s Peace, even as you
live in the midst of difficulty.


Peace, in the sense of the absence of war, is of little value to someone who is dying of hunger or cold. …Peace can only last where human rights are respected, where the people are fed, and where individuals and nations are free.

              Dalai Lama, Science and Spirituality, page 177

Moral and spiritual values have been developed by the various religions of the world, and at the end of the civilizations of past generations these values have often come into conflict with each other.  One of the obvious ones right now is the conflict between the Sunnis and the Shiites in Islam.  These two sects, having had their point of origin with the birth of the same religion, they have had slight theological differences which have been magnified into major areas of contention.  

The differences between religions have been sources of disagreement that have often led to conflict and even war.  What we need to be aware of is that we are now moving beyond these separate civilizations into the need for a world wide civilization.  This is not to say that the previous civilizations are going to disappear.  What is needed is what we can call “unity-and-diversity”.  It is the necessity of accepting different ways of life – different races, cultures, religions, and lifestyles – and at the same time a new creation that encompasses all of these differences as well as their similarities. 

A powerful global ethic and spirituality which has the capacity to unify all of these differences.  Yet at every level we have differences to accept and live with.  That is why the Unity-and-Diversity World Council has come to use the term “unity-and-diversity”.  We cannot and should not expect all differences to disappear in the process of finding peace and harmony. Rather, we need to be good listeners and respect the differences that are very real and need to be understood and appreciated.

To resort to war is to have failed to find more lasting solutions that involve understanding and mutual respect.  These ethical and spiritual solutions take courage and responsibility.  The world is gradually rising up and saying that there is another way, and that it is time to find that way and put it into practice.  Mahatma Gandhi called it “satyagraha”, which means to declare your own truth and live by that truth while accepting the consequences of your action.  Martin Luther King called it “nonviolence”, which sounds negative but is really a new way to live without violence.

We are at the time when a global ethic and spirituality are necessary, and all of us need to do our part to help bring it about. 

Spirit is One; paths are many!!!

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