Witnessing for Equal Human Rights at Vatican in Rome for the female half of God's Image!
Witnessing for Equal Human Rights at Vatican in Rome for the female half of God’s Image!


Our Patriarchal language keeps us in the sin of idolatry
when we use male pronouns to describe God or use a false
male only Image of God, that creates inequality, prejudice and
hurts us all!
God is our Mother as well as Father!

A Spirit of Holy Love who can live within each one, as well as in                     others, both male and female, young and old.

Only $1 E-book gives more “Equal Rights From God”
or “The Equalitarian Age” also available as a paperback.
by B.C. Dudney
Many have no safety nets, thousands starving daily, and
millions going to bed hungry!
If we must fight, let it be a war for decent living wages, food,
shelter and universal education, based on ability, interest!
Universal Golden Rule tells us treat others with equal fairness.
Equal rights, respect, equal opportunity, as you would most 
want to be treated.
God is our Mother as well as Father, be sure not to worship 
a false only Image of God. See more in my book.
“Equal Rights From God”
B.C. Dudney
$7. for paperback or E-book only $1.

Spiritual Solutions To World Problems

Those who find God are those who seek God, not because they are just
looking or  need something, but because they want to know the author of
all things, their Heavenly Mother, as well as Father, and to have the best
possible friend!
This is true of most anything “seek and you shall find” as Jesus said!
It is from the abundance of our heart, one we fill with hope or with too
many negative expectations that determines or colors what we see.
So have a thankful heart for all you do have, for all that you see, even being thankful for trials in life, is one of the best and fastest ways to feel close to God!
Fill up your spare time with Praise.
Be Thankful in all circumstances, for God can bring good from all things.
Sing Praises with even our dying breath, knowing Heaven is better than here
and worth being willing to live, at peace with yourself, with others, to follow
the Creator of all that is good!
God is our Mother as well as Father!
For thousands of years we have been led to think of God as only a male,
this is a false Image of God, the sin of Idolatry.
God, who is our Heavenly Parent. Has both male and female qualities,
equally The Creator of both male and female and all the stages in between.
This diversity we can observe in nature as well as within ourselves.
Human males have some degree of female hormones, just as females also
have a varying percentage of male hormones but we tend to be primarily
female, or most of the other half, primarily male, especially during the reproductive times of our life.
At early and later stages of our lives, we are less different!
We were created to complement, not to compete, to be cooperative, and
when we are not equally respected or given equal rights, opportunity, our culture, beliefs, treatment of each other becomes unbalanced, and we all
suffer from it!
We have been living unbalanced in war like lives for thousands of years. It is time we grow up. To emotionally, Spiritually Mature! 
Stop competing and start cooperating.
The sin of male idolatry or female inequality, has caused all kinds of wrong thinking in our marriages, power systems, and in our treatment of each other.
Partiality or inequality that causes injustice is not from God, but from the male customs and traditions created by scriptures and religions written and interpreted by males only.
It is very easy to misunderstand or misuse the few actual words God has
spoken to humankind. As confirmed by the Universal Golden Rule and
message Jesus and the good Prophets have left us confirms a God who loves
all people, the sinners, as well as the self-righteous, for in this human
physical life there is no everyday perfection.
Perfection is few and far between. The summary of Jesus teachings is to
Love a God of Holy Love and to Love One Another.
Very similar to The Golden Rule found in all the great world religions,
which is the universal message from God to treat others as you would
most want to be treated.
Common sense tells us it is the wholeness of both the male and female that makes up the best that is within us, for what is a Father without a Mother?
While it is possible for a Mother to fill a Father’s role, as well as be a Mother,
and visa versa, it is an extra burden and more difficult, not the ideal, to be successful we need the extra Grace only God can give us, when it is necessary!
You can personally experience that special kind of God’s Peace, even as you
live in the midst of difficulty.


Peace, in the sense of the absence of war, is of little value to someone who is dying of hunger or cold. …Peace can only last where human rights are respected, where the people are fed, and where individuals and nations are free.

              Dalai Lama, Science and Spirituality, page 177

Moral and spiritual values have been developed by the various religions of the world, and at the end of the civilizations of past generations these values have often come into conflict with each other.  One of the obvious ones right now is the conflict between the Sunnis and the Shiites in Islam.  These two sects, having had their point of origin with the birth of the same religion, they have had slight theological differences which have been magnified into major areas of contention.  

The differences between religions have been sources of disagreement that have often led to conflict and even war.  What we need to be aware of is that we are now moving beyond these separate civilizations into the need for a world wide civilization.  This is not to say that the previous civilizations are going to disappear.  What is needed is what we can call “unity-and-diversity”.  It is the necessity of accepting different ways of life – different races, cultures, religions, and lifestyles – and at the same time a new creation that encompasses all of these differences as well as their similarities. 

A powerful global ethic and spirituality which has the capacity to unify all of these differences.  Yet at every level we have differences to accept and live with.  That is why the Unity-and-Diversity World Council has come to use the term “unity-and-diversity”.  We cannot and should not expect all differences to disappear in the process of finding peace and harmony. Rather, we need to be good listeners and respect the differences that are very real and need to be understood and appreciated.

To resort to war is to have failed to find more lasting solutions that involve understanding and mutual respect.  These ethical and spiritual solutions take courage and responsibility.  The world is gradually rising up and saying that there is another way, and that it is time to find that way and put it into practice.  Mahatma Gandhi called it “satyagraha”, which means to declare your own truth and live by that truth while accepting the consequences of your action.  Martin Luther King called it “nonviolence”, which sounds negative but is really a new way to live without violence.

We are at the time when a global ethic and spirituality are necessary, and all of us need to do our part to help bring it about. 

Spirit is One; paths are many!!!

Unity-and-Diversity World Council, P.O. Box 661401, Los Angeles, CA 90066-9201; Phone: 424-228-2087; Email: udcworld@gmail.com; Website: www.udcworld.org


March With Mom’s to label GMO’s


Moms Across America

Moms Across America

Betty C. —

It’s time!!! Our Moms Across America Web Store is OPEN and our free Parade Kits to host or leaders of parade are being snapped up! We hope you will consider being a parade host or leader and simply say ” I will walk in my hometown parade ( or one nearby) with a  group of friends and family and let THOUSANDS know about GMOs in just 2 hours.”
YES MAAM! You can do it and it is SUPER FUN!!!!
We have found the easiest way to teach your kids to be a leader is to be a leader!
It is very fulfilling and family friendly. This picture of of Huntington Beach, CA, a great day!


1 parade 3 people deep for 3 miles ( medium sized parade) equals reaching 49,000 people!!!! Yes!
You don’t have to plan the event, you just show up with balloons, your MAAM tee shirts, some ” Eat Organic!” or “Google GMOs” signs, maybe convince a few kids to dress like bees, or wear our shirts and You’re IN!!


If you want to go all out, check out this car in the Lake Forest Parade last year and Alicia who started the GMO FREE Girl scout cookie petition which has over 20,000 signatures!


Thanks to our sponsors you can pass out 2000 flyers and 1000 stickers plus 150 buttons and decals for your supporters, for FREE!

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To be a part of creating health and freedom on July 4th and reaching millions of Americans,  just do these things.
1. Go to www.momsacrossamerica.com/events_all and search for a parade near you to join. To be a host for a new parade, simply click on “Host your Own!” and gather 3-4 families to walk with you!
2. You will get an email giving you codes for a free Parade Kit and 50% off the totes as a leader thank you. Just order by Monday, June 16th for best efficiency and lowest cost. Check out the store here.   http://marcomcentral.app.pti.com/colorvision/momsacrossamerica/catalog.aspx?uigroup_id=34479

3. Share your event and show up at the parade in a MAAM T shirt, balloons and decked out in red white and blue! ( Some parade need you to apply, but many are just show up, check with your local town hall, takes 5 minutes)

You can find a parade almost anywhere that you are on vacation and even Uncle Bob will have fun if you ask family to join in, we promise!

HAVE FUN in the parade, making a huge difference for your community and  creating Health and Freedom in America!

Thank you for your support!
Zen Honeycutt
P.S. If you choose not to march in a parade please consider donating to support our organization and for materials to empower Americans in health and freedom. www.momsacrossamerica.com/donate Thank you!

Moms Across America

Eating Right and Good Organically

The importance of Organic whole Bone Broths you make yourself or from a whole foods store. Simple, inexpensive, so many needed nutients most of us are not getting now in our diets that were there 50 years ago and for thousands of years. Can not only cure many of the current aches and pains and serious illiness but be a preventive for the young ones they will need, as important as any education. Without your health you will be very poor indeed.
The Whole9 Bone Broth FAQ

Over the weekend, we posted an Instagram photo of the bone broth simmering on Dallas and Melissa’s stovetop, captioned, “Bone broth for A.M. sippin’ is going down in the Hartwig household. Are you intimidated by bone broth? Ask your questions here?”
We knew some of you thought the idea of making your own bone broth was a little scary, but we had no idea you had so many questions! So many, in fact, that instead of answering them all on Facebook and Instagram, we decided to create this Bone Broth FAQ, with everything you ever wanted to know about broth.
Let’s take the intimidation factor out of this incredibly health-promoting food! After this monster question-and-answer session, you should be totally prepared to make your own beautiful broth.
The Whole9 Bone Broth FAQ

What kind of nutritional benefits does bone broth offer?
Bone broth is a source of minerals, like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium, in forms that your body can easily absorb. It’s also rich in glycine and proline, amino acids not found in significant amounts in muscle meat (the vast majority of the meat we consume). It also contains chondroitin sulphates and glucosamine, the compounds sold as supplements to reduce inflammation, arthritis, and joint pain. Finally, “soup bones” include collagen, a protein found in connective tissue of vertebrate animals, which is abundant in bone, marrow, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. (The breakdown of collagen in bone broths is what produces gelatin.)
What are the benefits of consuming a properly prepared bone broth?
Proline and glycine are important for a healthy gut and digestion, muscle repair and growth, a balanced nervous system, and strong immune system. In fact, a study of chicken broth conducted by the University of Nebraska Medical Center found that the amino acids that were produced when making chicken stock reduced inflammation in the respiratory system and improved digestion. (There’s a reason your mom always made you chicken soup when you were sick.)
The gelatin in bone broth can help to heal a leaky gut, which may be of specific benefit those with inflammatory or autoimmune disorders. These compounds also reduce joint pain, reduce inflammation, prevent bone loss, and build healthy skin, hair, and nails.
Can I just buy broth from the grocery store?
Nope. Broth (often labelled “stock”) from the grocery store relies on high temperature, fast-cooking techniques, which result in a watered down, non-gelling liquid, so you’re missing out on some of the benefits of a gelatin-rich broth. In addition, unnatural additives (like MSG) and flavors are often added. If you just need a small amount for a recipe, store-bought stuff will do, but if you’re interested in the healing properties of bone broth, you have to make it yourself.
Where do I get bones?
Your local butcher, a local farm (ask around at the farmers market), a friendly hunter, your local health food store (if they have a meat department), or order bones online from U.S. Wellness Meats. You can also save the bones if you roast a whole chicken, turkey, duck, or goose.
What kind of bones should I use?
You can use bones from just about any animal—beef, veal, lamb, bison or buffalo, venison, chicken, duck, goose, turkey, or pork. Get a variety of bones—ask for marrow bones, oxtail, and “soup bones.” Make sure you include some larger bones like knuckles, or feet (like chicken feet), which will contain more cartilage, and therefore more collagen. You can even mix and match bones in the same batch of broth—some beef, some lamb, some chicken—but know that will change the flavor. (Most folks prefer to stick to one animal source at once.)
Do I have to get grass-fed or pastured bones, or organic bones?
You should. The animals have to be healthy to impart the maximum health benefit to you, and factory-farmed animals are the furthest thing from healthy. (And we don’t want to encourage more purchasing of factory-farmed animals.) Do your best to seek out pastured chicken or 100% grass-fed beef bones from a local source.
Can I have a recipe, please?
First, there are a wealth of recipes online—just search for “bone broth recipe” until you find one that looks good to you. However, we like the Master Recipe for Bone Broth found on page 274 of our book, It Starts With Food, created by our friend Melissa Joulwan of Well Fed and Well Fed 2 fame.
4 quarts water
1 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
2 large onions, unpeeled and coarsely chopped
2 carrots, scrubbed and coarsely chopped
3 celery stalks, coarsely chopped
1 bunch fresh parsley
2-3 garlic cloves, lightly smashed
2-4 lbs. meat or poultry bones
Place all ingredients in a large slow cooker set on high. Bring to a boil, then reduce the setting to low for 12-24 hours. The longer it cooks, the better it tastes! Strain the stock through a fine mesh strainer or coffee filter into a large bowl, and discard the waste.
Even if you don’t have a slow-cooker you can still reproduce this recipe on a stovetop, with a large pot on low heat.
Do I have to skim the fat?
Only if you want to. Feel free to drink your broth as-is, but if you prefer a broth with less fat (as we do), then follow these instructions: After you’re done cooking, remove your broth from the heat, and run it through a strainer as usual. Then let your broth sit in the fridge for several hours, until the fat rises to the top and hardens. Scrape off the fat with a spoon, and your broth is ready to go. We think skimming off most of the fat is more important if you’re using bones from animals that are conventionally raised.
What other kind of things could I add to my broth to help with flavor?
Here is a list of vegetables, herbs, and spices you could add. Feel free to mix and match, or invent your own recipe.
Green onion
Whole peppercorns
Red pepper flakes
Bay leaf
Avoid using broccoli, turnip peels, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, green peppers, collard greens, or mustard greens, as they will make your broth bitter.
Why do you add vinegar to the broth?
Adding an acid (like lemon juice or vinegar) will help to extract minerals from the bones. Use a mild-flavored vinegar, like apple cider or rice wine, as white vinegar may taste too harsh in a mellow broth.
Should I roast my bones first?
You can—roasting will impart a rich flavor and color to your broth—but you don’t have to. If you choose to roast your bones first, place them in a pan in an oven set to 350 degrees, and roast for one hour before continuing with your favorite broth recipe.
Why does my broth look so jiggly?
That’s the gelatin—when cool, it makes your broth look a little like meat Jell-O. No worries—just heat it gently on the stovetop and it will return to a liquid state.
My broth doesn’t look jiggly! Why didn’t it gel?
This article from the Healthy Home Economist lists five reasons your broth didn’t gel, but in our experience, it’s generally one of two reasons. First, you might not be using enough bones (or enough of the right type), or you simply might have added too much water. Bones with more visible cartilage will yield more gelatin. Another common reason is that the broth was not cooked for long enough. The remedy? Set your crockpot or burner to the lowest heat setting and just let it go for at least 8 hours (poultry) or 12 hours (beef)—if not longer. Less than that will likely not draw enough gelatin into the stock from the bones. A good rule of thumb: the larger the bones, the longer you’ll want to cook it.
Can you reuse bones for another broth?
You sure can—Paul Jaminet of The Perfect Health Diet says you can reuse bones to make multiple batches of broth until the bones go soft. (Make sure you use fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices each time, though.)
What’s the longest you can leave bone broth to cook?
Chicken bones can cook for 24 hours, beef bones can cook for up to 48 hours.
What do I do with my broth?
We like to drink a mug of it, just like you would coffee or tea. In fact, a warm cup of broth is a great way to start your morning—try drinking 8 ounces a day, every day. Of course, you can use it in recipes wherever it calls for broth or stock, or turn it into a base for your favorite soup.
How long will broth keep in the refrigerator and freezer?
Keep broth in the fridge for no longer than 3-4 days. It should keep in the freezer for up to a year.
How should I store frozen bone broth?
For an easy addition of small amounts of broth to recipes, store some in an ice cube tray in the freezer. One cube is about an ounce, so recipes that call for 1/4 cup of broth would take 2 cubes, 1/2 a cup is 4 cubes, etc. You can store larger amounts in glass mason jars, but be sure to let the broth cool down before transferring to glass. Finally, make sure you leave enough space in a glass container for the frozen broth to expand—otherwise, the glass could break.

God Answered “Equality”

The book God Answered “Equality”
Going over it i need to make some more corrections so putting the book on hold till they are made.

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Writing many years after being given the Prophetic Word of “Equality” by God’s Holy Spirit. Have witnessing to, as well as at, the Vatican since 1985, for the ending of inequality. To end discrimination, especially for the female half of God’s Image, that has kept us so unbalanced and warlike.

Without ending inequality in the largest of  Christian institutions, for equal rights, and respect, how can we set, or be a good examples of God’s Love?

Till then, half of our world will live in dire poverty of only about $3.00 for a daily income, causing thousands of children to starve each day, while millions more will go to bed hungry tonight!

As many as half will not be able to attend school to learn to read or write because they must go to work as young as 5-6 years old.       This is because inequality and profits are gods when up to 90% of our world’s economy and resources are owned, or under the control of less than 2%.

Should not our land, resources and labor, be for the benefit of all, rather than just for the excessive profits of a few?

Possible now with the People’s Power, coming together in small golden rule like groups networking with others, locally, regionally, worldwide, to  co-create a much fairer better world possible for all.





This morning sitting behind the screen of my back door, watching a few house sparrows eating bread crumbs, a silver sliver of a Hummingbird noticed, hovering in midair, less than a foot away from my face, as if to say thank you for feeding us, as it click, click, clicked away, flying to a honeysuckle flower nearby.

Such little ones must see me like a good god, among other gods, who could care less, just as I can only see my God, in such a limited way.      We each are uniquely limited in what we see, or can perceive God to be!

For me there have been few doubts about such a God, partly because of several supernatural experiences, such as seeing literally The Hand of God, on my wall, so obviously beyond our daily reality.

It would be twenty-five years later, just barely thirty, before I would be given another such sign. And only then when I was freely willing to allow God’s Holy Spirit into my heart, mind, and soul, would I be able to even recognize when God’s Holy Spirit wanted to guide me.

All Spiritual guidance, thoughts from your own mind, as well what you read or those given to you from others, should first be confirmed by the Universal Golden Rule, found naturally in loving hearts, and in all major world beliefs!                                                                                                 To treat others fair, as you would most want to be treated, even your enemies, Jesus said, as this is the kind of a Holy Love that “Sums up all the Laws and Prophets”. *1 Matthew 5:44; 7:12; 22:39; Luke 6:27

Moses testified he saw God’s Hand, 4000 years ago, who gave him the Ten Commandments.                                                                                              A couple thousand years later, the prophet Daniel interpreted God’s Finger writing, on the wall of the King’s Banquet Hall, seen by many who were dining with the King.

Over 200 times I have found the mention of “God’s Hand” in Biblical Scriptures, usually as a symbolic sign of God acting in our world, but some times, like in my case as a young 5 year old child, literally seen.   Never again to be seen in my long life, but felt once more, many years later, this time in My hand as I had tried to walk away from the Church because of realizing we all are sinners, in as well as outside the Church, by what we do, as well as what we fail to do.

Feeling the Power of God’s Hand, as it spun me back around to go back to the Church, made me realize that is where I had to continue to give the message I had been given, of God’s “Equality”, meaning The Peoples Equal Rights, Equal Respect, Equal Opportunity, for an end to our inequality and discrimination.

This is the essence of all Religious beliefs. The Universal Golden Rule of treating others with Equal Fairness, or the way you would most like to be treated. It is found not only in all of our major world religions, but also within the created hearts of most developed, loving, or undamaged forms of life.

The doing of good, instead of evil, even to our enemies, makes it possible to create friendships, to lesson the tensions and other misunderstandings of life, at least not to increase the enmity or mistrust, among people.

Yet some humans I believe, are born genetically deficient or can later be severely brain or emotionally damaged, as in the higher or more sensitive areas, resulting in the lack of an ability to feel for, or care about others, except as it affects their own immediate self or selfish needs.

Such limited or damaged brains are similar to a few other kinds of very primitive animals, especially those who do not raise their young.   With their otherwise well developed  human minds they would know about their lack of feelings for others usually early in life and become aware of their lack not caring, or even to have any similar good or loving feelings for others who cared for them, and would tend to hide that lack of concern, rather than let it be known and be considered different or abnormal, or lose any advantage by not pretending to care.                                                                                                 They could justify pretending to care as their most effective way to be able to get what they want, or their needs met.                                       These rare or few without a normal natural ability, to be able to feel or care for the feelings of others, somewhat on an equal plane, would find it easy to use cunning, sneaky, even cruel, or as a last resort violent ways, to gain positions of power over others, first in the home, at work, or any kind of organization would be game, civil or political, and yes, even in religious positions.                                          Their pleasure other than food or sexual, would come primarily by their being in control of others, to do their will and the misuse of others for their own, more important to them, selfish needs.

Most of us do limit to some degree, our feelings for those we don’t see as being very much like us, especially those of different races, and those not culturally, or religiously raised in a similar way.                We can be mistrustful or fearful of others, just because of our many differences. But those unable to be concerned for others, who have no compassion or empathy, would see those smaller or those under them, even as their possible prey!

A dramatic example of the opposite kind of feelings within the animal kingdom, was in the news recently, in Bakersfield, a city in the middle of California, a young 2-3 year old boy was shown in the news, by a security camera riding a tricycle, when a stray pit-bull dog (who have been bred and trained to take advantage of weaker animals for dog fighting) came around from the back of a parked car, saw the small child and running up to him, bit him on the leg.                 He is seen dragging him off his tricycle.                                                                   Instantly you see a much smaller cat, run out and jump up on the huge dog with its claws digging in to both scare the much larger dog and did manage to chase it away.                                                                         This was before the Mother on the porch had a chance to get near the child!

Other such stories of dogs saving young children at the risk of their own lives have also heard about.                                                                           Isn’t that why many, hopefully most, soldiers go into the service of their country for, to protect their fellow citizens?                                         In loving, caring hearts, of many animals as well humans you find a evidence of a concern for others, even at their own expense.                 But not in the forms of life just capable, or conditioned for self preservation, or in those whose belief tells them treating others unequally or unfairly is alright or if it is for making money or profits and can justify a separate morality for those different, or considered enemies.

Most often found in animals or people who have not been cared for in a loving way by at least one parent, or caretaker.

Much of our learning is on a subconscious level, and only gradually have many humans evolved to increase their conscious awareness on the right as well as the left side, to be able to go into, or focus in the God part of the forehead, so different from the bottom stem part of the brain that is concerned primarily with eating, sex, or other kinds of self preservation.

They can be adept at hiding such a lack of feelings, and certainly would have no compulsions about lying about them. Others may have being taught since childhood of their superiority because of birth or intellect.

This explains a lot of the last 5000 years of patriarchal oppression, enforced ultimately by those who were born into or have climbed to the top of political, economic, and religious power pyramids, with a morality of inequality or by whatever means possible .

It would seem that some of the most powerful, who usually keep well behind the public scenes but who have the pull of many strings, have little or no feelings or great concern for the mass of people.        Seeing war as a form of population control, even to encouraging leaders into one war after another, reaping the great profits in high paying contracts for the variety of war machines, ground and air, that are contracted out to these large corporations.

Down through the ages Emperors, Cesar’s, Kings, even a few Queens, have shown little conscience in using or misusing people, to increase their own Power, Gain, or Fortunes.

Instead of seeking mutual cooperation or negotiated solution’s, in the better Golden Rule way, their wars end in emotional, mental, as well as much physical destruction and death for most citizens involved.

The violence of wars are against the best or higher interest of all, even those few who end up profiting materially may be harmed sooner or later, from the spiritual curse of their actions.

We can expect this to continue until we are able to insure more legal, as well as other kinds of safeguards against a very small minority, who have continued to take so much advantage of millions, even billions of people.

Historical evidence can be hidden or only partly written about, usually favoring the Victors.

To survive more nuclear disasters we must find ways, while there is time left to do so, to make it not as easy to misuse positions of power over so many, as it is right now. I believe those who want these safeguards are way in the majority, yet many know reasons to fear those who seek ever more ways to control.

They may be hesitant, to rock their own very shaky economic boats, since most of us, except for the elite, are just one or two paychecks from financial disaster where even a life-time of savings can be wiped out by sudden, or cyclic economic changes, disfavor of higher ups, or for that matter even by serious health concerns of hospital visit.                                                                                                                                   Drastic changes that are constantly happening are ever at our door, and too often held over our heads, much like a hostage ransom or threat.                                                                                                                                These will remain in one form or another, and get even worse, if enough of us fail to do what is best for their souls as well as for ours, at this time.

It is possible when just a few who have had enough, to come together and find ways to make needed changes. Often when a few will make the first move, others will join.                                                                 Once I know from just the beating of pots and pans with spoons and walking through neighborhood streets, only a determined four were able to rally hundreds of people for support of a local community need, long neglected and being solved in one day, when hundreds of citizens showed up, respectfully, and non-violently, to the city council meeting who then felt no choice but to act in their favor!

But what is it going to take for so many worldwide needs? Easy to feel it is too late, even to start, but it may be it is just now possible to act!                                                                                                                                        What alternatives do we face?                                                                               For the tightening of this 2% control will increase (some say it is only a 0.1 of 1%) as they work though many highly paid legal and International corporate CEO’s paid primarily to produce their huge profits.

It will not get better till enough are willing to recognize it for what it is, and be willing to deal with it?                                                                                  If we choose not to, one of the ways it will get worse is as another form of population control already in place, by a control of low wages, to produce the huge profits for these International Corporations that control up to 90% of our worlds economy and resources.

This squeezing of profits over decent living wages is the cause of up to a third to half of all people having such low incomes they are on near starvation diets, forcing into slave like labor, the children as young as 5-6 years old, unable to go or stay in school, leaving many of the worlds population unable to read or write!                                        This lowers the wages for the rest of the worlds income, requiring more work, for less money, with food and fuel inflation benefiting only a few.

Small golden rule groups of 10-12 close friends or family could keep in touch with larger groups to know where and how best to help.        By choosing to do nothing we may eventually have to say, as was said by many after the last World War II:                                                              “When they came for others who were not like me so I didn’t do anything about it. Then when they came for my neighbor or for me, we were still afraid, but by then neither of us could no longer do anything about it”.

God warned the Hebrews long ago, when they first considered having a King, as they saw others that to have such Rulers, instead of the just Judges they did have then, would cost them much, and a lot of their freedoms.

History tells us most Dictatorships or Kings have not been good for most of the people.                                                                                                       They are the aggressors who have caused most of the wars that kills off so many of the young, does untold damage to the minds left on both sides, as well as destroy needed resources, personal property, and pollutes the land and seas.                                                               Yet insensitive, selfish or greedy leaders, with only pretend feelings or conscience, will tend to ignore such warnings, even in leading us to “repeat the past”, with ever more disastrous, now nuclear weapons that can very negatively affect life on this planet for many hundreds of years to come.

Prophets have been warning of the dangers of a World War III for a long time, we have barely managed to avoid it several times in the past 50 years, and we are still on the brink of great disaster.                                                                                                                                                                     To warn of the dangers we are in and could avoid, is one of the main reasons Prophecy is given, for those willing to make the necessary changes.

It is going to take many small groups working with larger groups to be able to prevent the worse from happening, at the least lesson the dangers.

It is a free will choice each of us will make one way or the other, for we are the ones here now, who share some responsible for what we do, or fail to do, in our times.                                                                                      The best possible way, for those who can accept it, is to start first with yourself, asking a Loving God into your heart, so you will know what to do.

Only having Godly Intelligence within a loving heart, is going to make it possible to clearly see, know more than our limited physical minds, to be able to be guided to the “Fullness of Truth”. * John 4:16    The fullness of Truth promised to those who love God and one another!                                                                                                                             Small groups of like-minded friends working with each other for a better world to live in have made a great difference and hopefully will again.

There is plenty on this earth for all to have enough food, housing, education and training skills, but not if we continue to allow a few behind the scenes, hardened in inequality, to control most of our economy and our worlds resources.

It has been strong-arming, blackmailing and violence, that has been these kind of leaders way of controlling, to take advantage of others.                                                                                                                                    Any chance we have to turn the tide must be done primarily by non-violent efforts, to avoid falling into their mindset of the right of anyone to force others to do their more selfish wills.

Each of us can join with others to create networks with those you know or believe are interested in a better life, not only for themselves, but equally for all people. There will be opposition, for the struggle is for our souls, as well as for our life work!

Having morals against the hurting of others is to some, considered a weakness, might makes what is right seems right to those who are just self-centered.                                                                                                             Yet the human spirit, or our souls, would be in grave danger of being lost anyway, if we knowingly support inequality that now keeps at the least a third, of our world’s population on a near starvation diet, as well as so many other injustices.




Hummingbirds and Gods                                                                                            Why go to Rome?                                                                                                            God as Mother As Well as Father                                                                     Men’s Traditions vs. God’s Ways                                                                              The Earth In Miniature                                                                                                   Ah, The Romantics Of Rome                                                                                           Economic Inequality                                                                                                          Inequality Breeds War                                                                                                       Forming Evolutionary Relationships

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May God’s Peace Be With You,

Betty C. Dudney

Note:  “Some scholars have noted that in the Gospels the Greek term “basileia” does not really mean “kingdom,” in the sense of the territorial domain of a king. Rather, it means “kingship,” in the sense of the power or sovereignty of a king. So Jesus is really talking about the messianic era in which the rule of God will prevail or does prevail in one’s heart.                                              Very likely the Greek Biblical term “basileia” is a translation of the word which Jesus spoke: “malkhut”, which similarly can refer both to a physical kingdom or abstract kingship.”

The Kingdom of God then Jesus was referring to, is both within us as well as without, as well as God’s Kingdom being outside of our space or time. “The Kingdom of God is within You.” Jesus said.

With that kingdom we have the power of God within us, as well as the greater Power of God for Good, as it is the greater power that can be used by us here and now, as well as for future time.

The Earth in Miniature




“The Earth In Miniature” was given to me by an earth angel from an anonymous Columbian Professor, where she said she came from, and just happened to be in Rome and across the hall at the “Y”, the most reasonable place to stay that I had been able to find in Rome, this time.

He had reduced the population of the earth to the size of a small village of exactly 100 people and said it would look very close to something like this:

“In this village there would be 57 Asians, 21 Europeans, 8 Africans, and only 14 persons from the Western Hemisphere!                                52 of these would be female, 48 would be male. 70 would be non-white, while the other 30 would be white or Caucasian.

Only 30 would be Christians, 70 would not be Christians.                      89 would be Heterosexuals, 11 would be Homosexuals.”

(Note: Homosexuality, also known among animals, in the same % approximately. One’s varying sexual hormones are what most determine our sexual preferences.)

In this village of 100 humans, less than 5, mostly males, would own or have control of most of the Villages resources. They would be from or have strong ties to North America.                                                     Of the total 100 people in the Village 80 would live in sub human conditions, that is 80% of all people!                                                                      70 would not be able to read!

50 or one half, would be suffering from malnutrition with 1 person on the verge of starvation, while one person out of those 100 would actual starve each day!

One would be pregnant and another would give birth to a child.         Only one of the hundred would be educated in a University.

By understanding and facing these facts, perhaps we will want to educate others?    For can this be fully comprehended without some measure of moral concern for the well being of the whole, in this village we all must call our world home?

“Yes, to reflect more deeply, if you have risen this morning with good health, have enough to eat, and no disease that is in the process of destroying your body, than you are much more fortunate than many who will not be able to survive very much longer.”

“Even more, if you are not one of those who are caught up in an actual war, or in a violent conflict, be in jail or have the agony of being tortured, or the pain of slow starvation.

If you have escaped all this, than you are much safer than most of the people in our world”.   “If you have food in a refrigerator, clothes in a closet, a ceiling over your head and a place where you can sleep tonight, you are richer than 75% of the people in your world. Still more, you are one of the most fortunate ones living, if you can even read this”.                                                                                                                                 So work today as if you don’t need the money, Yes, even as if you have been really hurt like most, Dance now as if nobody will be seeing you. Sing now as if nobody is listening to you!”

My addition If you really want to know what it is to Dance and Sing in the most, best possible way, than you must help to see that all those in our world village, have enough to eat and a place to sleep.

This seems to me to be a part of all of our responsibilities. In some way to do what we can, the desire will be found in the expansiveness of your heart.

One of the more compelling reasons may be because you see this inequality as a grave danger and disadvantage to yourself, as well as to others, and the need to make this a number one priority today and every day until equal opportunity exist for all.

Like in a war for Freedom, you must be willing to give, even sacrifice, especially at this point in history for those of us here, the last chance we may have to end this terrible inequality, that threatens even our very lives and ability to love and to know freedom.

It starts in our relationships with each other.                                             One by one, we must begin to treat each other with the universally known Golden Rule, with equal fairness.

For an inner Peace, more precious and lasting in our souls, or spirit, than all the hard cold physical gold we might think we could otherwise accumulate, only to find we will lose it all, when God calls for our next breath.

That great Light of The “I AM” we must all one day see, is summed up in “LOVE ONE ANOTHER”, to care for one another, not for God’s sake, that source of Creation needs nothing, but for our own sake!

It is the only way out of the Hell most of us are caught up in, or at least must now swim out of, to reach the potential eternal Heaven Here and Now, before we can have any possibility or hope of in a Heavenly life to come.

For the past 5000 years our history has been written, interpreted, and sometimes misinterpreted when the more competitive, and aggressive males were able to gain the reigns of controls, in the home, workplaces, religions and even in our governments.

A surprise to me was to find a lot of Archeological evidence of the mostly matriarchal cultures that proceeded this last Patriarchal age, believed also to have lasted for about 5000 years.

In our times, after as many as 10,000 years now since known cavemen times of humans trying to live together in different ways and now we have a desperate need for survival to come out of the most violent way of male only rule.

We now have a real opportunity, as well as a great need, to come into the equalitarian age, of Equal Rights, Equal Respect, and Equal Concern.

Not only for those who are like us, but for those who are not, in such a way that our rights are not intruding on others, or visa versa.

Everything begins within, we have to balance first our own excess or lack of, equal concern and respect for others, in our homes, work, community, so we can actually be able to treat others with an equal concern.

Living in such an unequal world as we have had is going to take some conscious efforts at balancing and creating equality in our relationships to heal, and then to share that healing.                                   It makes sense to do so, because all of us can find ourselves in some kind of minority, if we are not already aware of some and have or will eventually have, a need to rely on others equal respect to be able to live in the best possible world.

Much of our past inequalities have been allowed to continue because of so many patriarchal  power systems, as well as our natural fears of those who are different and how their ways might affect us, in our past quiet primitive societies.

Such fears and insecurities, as well as inequalities can be dangers to our safety today. A safer world will require us to try to be more sensitive, intuitive, and tolerant to where others are, putting daily into practice the universally known Golden Rule.

On another mental and emotional level is bringing to conscious awareness and dealing with the violence and amount of force that has been used in the past to continue the unequal traditions and customs that are in our economic and political systems.                           These have been going on for so long, many of us are conditioned to accept it, and rationalize or feel we do not have the ability or energy to change it for the better?

Yet a non-violent revolution, to treat others more fairly, has also been going on and growing gradually, especially since the time of Jesus, but a quest for more peaceful living began to flourish even in the times of The Buddha.

One of the first deeds of Jesus after his resurrection was to send Mary Magdalene, a female disciple to be the first of the Apostles to the other Apostles.                                                                                                             To be the first to announce the “Good News, of the resurrection of one’s individual physical-spirit body into Eternal Life, that is possible after this life!

When we are willing to put a God kind of Holy Love into our heart, Jesus said, even for your enemy’s.                                                                       Then God’s Spirit will be able to guide such a loving heart to the fullness of Truth.                                                                                                                This is where we can also recognize ourselves as equally part of the whole.                                                                                                                                Putting us in a state of being or feeling, as said in the New Age spiritual lingo of being “In harmonics with the whole”.

To love and do good to an enemy, is the only chance you have to make him a friend instead of an enemy”.                                                           This teaching extends our ability to love and care for others beyond just those who love us.

It is not just one accepted dogma, sect, or official organization, but for “A Way” of being Spiritually empowered, that can be found in both the Eastern as well as Western faiths, expressed in the universally found Golden Rule, and also even within any loving heart, whether they belong to a specific dogmatic belief or sect.

Allowing others to spiritually be where they are, without having to take on any cultural baggage, will help us to see our common humanity.                                                                                                                               For we can only have more physical safety and security when everyone has a security net or at least the basics necessities, as well as the personal freedoms of equal rights? For our individual “Equality”

Do just a few hundred, all males, with exception of one know woman, belonging to the elite of the elite have the right to take from billions of men, women, children, so much more than their share, not only in terms of economic wealth, but claim title ownership to most of our resources too, for those yet to be?

Or does such a small minority have the right to prevent the chance for everyone to become the best each has the talent and interest to be?

If you know in your heart the answer is No, then what is a higher goal, except for maybe stopping wars and nuclear disasters, than to stop this present economic inequality? Well, can not the two be shown to go hand and hand!

It will take the power of many to insist, in all kinds of ways, to create for our selves a better reality, a better world, and do it in the most positive way for all.                                                                                                            What are some of the ways that this could be done non-violently?

I believe it will take many world wide Human Rights Groups! Networking with local groups of friends and trusted family members willing to work together in their priorities.

The first we tried we called the Golden Rule Family, as a legal non-profit, but doesn’t need to be, but a group of no more than 12 seems best.

With the intentions of when it became larger, one or two volunteers would break off to form another such group, as the best way to grow and still keep small enough to know and to be concerned about.

It also encourages each of us to form as many as 12 other small groups, of like-minded friends or co-workers, where  groups can network with and yet work separate, to keep in touch or coordinate at times towards one decided upon goal, as much as once a month or even only once per year, for your area, or state, or nation, and being able to have at least one member networking with other local, regional and/or International Groups.

In this way contact is kept with your own persoal groups, but your primary efforts may be in the region where each one feels they have the most to offer and feel best working in that area, local, to national or world wide.

This is one of the best ways for such groups to sustain interest, to have the energy to go forward, and when necessary even doing possible fundraising for needed agreed on goals.                                        As there should never be member dues, for these are the people’s parties and the poorest of the poor should feel welcome, without having to take needed funds from their survival.

Donations from those who have extra would of course always be welcomed, but as a free will gift, no such requirements.                         Such things as reasonably priced T-Shirts, maybe with a world design or local logo are possible items to be sold for fundraising, with other possible usable items, the majority in a group may have voted on, if there is a felt need for funds.

All profits from my book I have already dedicated to fund this site: www.worldwidehumanrights.org

To prevent the misuse of any group funds for maybe like eventual paid staff, best should be a well known member for at least a year, even then being voted on at each yearly term, best using yes and no secret ballots. As much work as possible should be done by volunteers.                                                                                                                       Could also have yearly held elections for each groups secretary and treasure.

We decided in our first group to have only one meeting a year as a requirement to maintain membership, out of an ideal twelve monthly meetings, which can be done by email, telephone, or by mail, as well as sometimes actually meeting for a potluck meal in person.   A simple monthly newsletter might work best for most?

On this site, those who sign up for a monthly (or only an Occ. newsletter, depending on our need?) are the one’s who will be sent a vote on how any funds that might come in may be used.                        Each of us can start today to build a better life and world by sharing this message with whom we would like to build a Golden Rule group with, as we see ourselves as being one of the many necessary stones in the building of a better world, for ourselves, for our worlds tomorrows.

May this be considered your site too with an equal say and vote of what we do here for: www.worldwidehumanrights.org



Why FDA Approves Poisons in your food, water.

Why The FDA Approves Poisons In Your Food, Water and Supplements…

You heard me right. The FDA and most Governments around
the world APPROVE the use of different toxic chemicals in
your food, water and even supplements.

You see, instead of making sure the corporations NEVER
leave any kind of toxic compound in their products…

…the FDA actually works WITH the companies in order to
figure out the “safe amount” of poison that can be allowed on
your fruits, veggies, cereals, milk, and anything you eat or

After spending some time testing the effect of a certain water
contaminant, pesticide or GMO food on rats, they slap the
“GRAS” (Generally Recognized As Safe) status on that toxic

(This is depressing… I know. But this is the world we live in,
and the fact that you’re reading this important email right now
proves that you are among the few who are taking action and
getting educated.)

That is why — according to the FDA, of course — it is perfectly
“safe” to have the following toxic chemicals in your food,
water and supplements:

– The average apple can contain 42 different pesticides, and
19 of those can potentially disrupt your hormones…

– 88% of the corn, 93% of the soy, 90% of the canola and
54% of the sugar produced in the US has been genetically
modified — and the effect of GMOs on human health has
been documented enough that dozens of countries want to
ban them…

– Your tap water contains Atrazine, a dangerous herbicide
banned by the European Union the exact same year it was
re-approved in the US…

– Your protein powder can contain any amount of heavy
metals, because the FDA doesn’t even test those…

OK, let’s say that these chemicals are at a safe level, and that
your body is strong enough to get rid of them.

But the question is… what happens when they stack up?

No Government or regulatory agency steps up to provide
an answer.

In the meantime, the American Red Cross took samples of
fetal cord blood from 10 newborns and found a shocking
287 chemicals inside the samples.

(Chemicals that are NOT supposed to be there, that is…)

So whether you like it or not, our environment is getting
more and more toxic.

The ONLY way to fight back, demand better food, better
water and cleaner supplements is to get educated on the

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Anthony Alayon
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Catholic Women Priest

On the Womenpriests website, the group explains why it has ordained women since 2002:
“We women are no longer asking for permission to be priests. Instead, we have taken back our rightful God-given place ministering to Catholics as inclusive and welcoming priests.”
“Yes, we have challenged and broken the Church’s Canon Law 1024, an unjust law that discriminates against women. Despite what some bishops may lead the faithful to believe, our ordinations are valid because we are ordained in apostolic succession within the Roman Catholic Church.”

It is Canon law that Apostolic Ordained Bishops can legally ordain Priest.

A February poll conducted by Univision showed 59 percent of American Catholics and 45 percent of members of the faith worldwide believe women should be allowed to become priests.

Lewis told the Harbor Country News that wrongs in the Catholic Church, including treatment of its female and gay members as well as cases of priest sex abuse, pushed her to become ordained.

“The Catholic Church is the last big patriarchy in the world. It’s in the bloodstream. It’s in the DNA,” she told the paper. “There is a glass ceiling in the church that you keep bumping your head against.”

Voices of Humanity.org

From Voicesofhumanity.org comes “In the big picture, the growth of human population and technology has made for a very dangerous situation that our current international system seems incapable of resolving.  We love our nations and religions and won’t give them up, but we must enlarge our sense of common humanity so we can cooperate fully on a global scale. We are no longer in a win-lose world, if we ever were. We have entered a world that is clearly either win-win or lose-lose. Only a powerful realization that we are all in the same boat can provide the perspective and political will needed to get us through the coming population peak without precipitous collapse. That’s the big picture.”

Couldn’t be better said. Click on precipitous collapse for a study of our dire situation by NASA