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The book God Answered “Equality”
I just finished it,  in e-book form at publisher

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Below is the first chapter:




Writing many years after being given the Prophetic Word of “Equality” by God’s Holy Spirit. Have witnessing to, as well as at, the Vatican since 1985, for the ending of inequality. To end discrimination, especially for the female half of God’s Image, that has kept us so unbalanced.

Without ending inequality in the largest of our Christian institutions, for equal rights, respect, how can we set or be a good example of God’s Love?

Till then, half of our world must live on daily incomes of about U.S. $3.00. Up to 25,000 children will continue to starve to death each day, while millions more will go to bed hungry tonight! Then there is the inequality of over half of all children who are unable to go to school, to learn even to read or write because they must go to work, as young as 5-6 years old.

Mostly because of the inequality of 90% of our world’s economy and resources now being in the control of less than 2%.

Can we more profitably use our land, resources and labor, for the benefit of more, rather than just the excessive profits of a few?

Can we come together in smaller golden rule groups to network with larger ones for a better world?


This morning sitting behind the screen of my back door, watching a few house sparrows eating bread crumbs, a silver sliver of a tiny Hummingbird noticed, hovering in midair, less than a foot away from my face, as if to say thank you for feeding us, as it click, click, clicked away, then flew to a honeysuckle flower nearby.

Such little ones must see me like a good god, among others who could care less, just as I can only see my God, in such a limited way. We each are uniquely limited in what we see, or can perceive God to be!

For me there have been few doubts partly because of several supernatural experiences, such as seeing literally The Hand of God, on my wall, so obviously beyond our daily reality.

It would be twenty-five years later, in my thirties, before I would be given another such sign. And only when I was freely willing to allow God’s Holy Spirit into my heart, mind, and soul. Only then could I recognize when God’s Holy Spirit wanted to guide me.
Any spiritual guidance, even thoughts from your own mind, as well as given to you from others, should first be confirmed by the Universal Golden Rule, found naturally in loving hearts, and in all major world beliefs!

To treat others equally fair, as you would most want to be treated, even to your enemies, Jesus added, as this is the kind of a Holy Love that “Sums up all the Laws and Prophets”. *1                                                   *1 Matthew 5:44; 7:12; 22:39-40; Luke 6:27

Moses testified he saw God’s Hand, 4000 years ago, who gave him the Ten Commandments.  A couple thousand years later, the prophet Daniel interpreted God’s Finger writing, on the wall of the King’s Banquet Hall, seen by many who were dining with the King.

Over 200 times I searched and found the mention of “God’s Hand” in Biblical Scriptures, usually as a symbolic sign of God acting in our world, but some times, like in my case as a young child literally seen.

Not being seen again in my long life, but once more FELT in my hand, when I tried to walk away from the Church because of what I realized was happening within the Hierarchy.

The unseen “God’s Hand” spun me back around and back towards the Church making me realize that was were I was to give the message I had been given of “Equality”, Equal Rights, Equal Respect, Equal Opportunity.
The essence of Universal Golden Rule of treating others with Equal Fairness, or the way you would most like to be treated, is found not only in our world religions, but also in the created hearts of most developed or loving and undamaged forms of life.

The doing of good, instead of evil, even to our enemies, makes it possible to create friendships, to lesson tensions and other misunderstandings, at least not to increase the enmity, among people or Nations.

Yet some are born genetically deficient, or can later be severely brain damaged, especially in the higher more sensitive areas of the brain, resulting in the lack of their ability to feel for, or care about others, except as it affects their own immediate self or need.              Such limited or damaged brains are similar to other kinds of primitive animals, some even to having just a “Reptilian” kind of thinking.

They would tend to notice this, usually early in life and be aware of their lack of caring or even to have any good or loving feelings for others, and would tend to hide that lack of concern, rather than let it be known and for them to then be considered abnormal, or to lose their advantage and would justify pretending feelings to be able to get what they wanted.

Without the natural ability of most of us to be able to feel for others, somewhat on an equal plane, it would be easy for them to use cunning, sneaky, even cruel or violent ways to gain positions of power over others, in the home, at work, even for best results in political, and even religious positions.

Their pleasure would come by being in control, and the misuse of others for their own, more important to them, selfish needs or for pleasures of greed and control.
Most of us realize we are all limited to some degree, in our feelings for those we don’t see as very much like us, especially those of different races, sex, or not culturally, religiously raised in a similar way, and can be even fearful even selfishly reluctant to treat and hopefully to a higher spiritual perfection.

Yet it is necessary first to have the human ability to feel for others, as well as ourselves, which these only part human, part reptilians brains lack, those parts of the brain that allows us the ability to feel, empathize, care about others, especially the young or weaker, who they would see as just being weak and possible prey!
A dramatic example of this in the news last night, of what I am trying to say, that extends even into the animal kingdom, was were a young 2-3 year old boy was shown by a security camera  riding a tricycle, when a stray pit-bull dog (bred and trained to take advantage of a weaker animal) had gotten away from a neighbors yard evidently, for it did not have a collar, and coming around a car saw the defenseless child alone and ran up to him, biting and pulling him off the bike by his leg. Instantly before the Mother could get there, you see a much smaller but big probably family cat run out and jump on the dog, and both immediately scaring, chasing it away, before the Mother had a chance to get near the child!

I’ve heard of other such stories of dogs saving young children at the risk of their own lives too.  Isn’t that why many soldiers go into the service of their country to do, to protect their fellow citizens?

Were there is a loving, caring heart, you will find evidence of the Universal Golden Rule being our normal natural morality. It is only in the lower forms life or parts of the reasoning brain that do not seem to have this capacity to care for others, but think only of self preservation. Most likely in animals or humans that have not been cared for in a loving way by at least one parent and left on their own to survive from birth. Such as Reptiles, and fish I can think of those two!

Much of our learning is on a cultural subconscious level, and only gradually have humans evolved to increase our conscious awareness of both our right side and left side, or the center, top, and bottom or base of our brains capabilities.

This could help explain part at least of the last 5000 years of our patriarchal oppression, enforced by those at the top of the political, economic, and religious power, who seem to have had few real feelings for the majority of the people. Even to the leading of us into one war after another.
Our history is full of such Cesar’s, Kings, even a few Queens, who have had little conscience in using or misusing people, to increase their own gain or fortune.

Such wars are against the best and highest interest of most. Instead of seeking mutual cooperation or negotiated solution’s, in the Golden Rule way, as they end up causing mental, spiritual as well as much physical destruction.

We can expect this to continue until we are able to insure more legal, as well as other kinds of cultural safeguards, for the majority, and not just for such a small minority who have taken so much advantage of most people.

We must find ways to make it not as easy to misuse positions of power as it is now.

I believe those who want safeguards from misuses of power are in the majority, yet many know reasons to fear some of those even now in control over us, or at least are very hesitant to rock their own or a very shaky economic boat, since most except for the elite, are just one or two paychecks from financial disaster or a life time of savings be wiped out by drastic changes.

Drastic changes that are constantly happening or ever at our door and too often held over our heads like hostage ransoms or threats. Still have seen how it is possible when just a few, who have had enough, can come together and make significant changes.

Once from just the beating of pots and pans with spoons and walking through neighborhood streets, just a few were able to rally hundreds of people for support of a local community need, just in one day that worked!

What is it going to take for so many worldwide needs and already financial controls to become more just?

Easy to feel it is too overwhelming, even to start yet what alternative do we have?

The tightening of the 2% or some say it is much less, control is going to increase. It will not get significantly better till we are willing to recognize it for what it is, and deal with it.

If we choose not to, it will get worse because they have their own population control plan now in the works and this has been going on for years, the process of a slow diets of starvation for at least right now at least a  third to half of the world’s population, by controlling wages, profits of Corporate stocks and our economic resources.

Then we will have to say, as was said by many after the last World War II of those who live in Fascist and dictatorial regimes:

“When they came for the others they were not like me so I didn’t do anything about it, finally when they came for my neighbor or me, I was still afraid and then Could do nothing.
God warned the Israelites long ago, when they first considered having a King, that to have such Rulers, instead of the just Judges they did have then, would cost them much.

History tells us most Dictatorships are not good for most of the people. Their wars kill off the young; do untold damage to the minds left on both sides, as well as destroy needed resources, personal property, pollute the land and seas.

Yet “Reptilian” leaders and others with only pretend feelings or conscience, ignore such warnings, even in leading us to “repeat the past”, with ever more disastrous, now nuclear weapons and threats of wars that can very negatively affect life for hundreds of years.

Prophets have been warning of the dangers of a World War III for a long time, that we have barely managed to avoid several times.

It is going to take many of us, those living now, to be able to prevent the worse from happening, or to at least lesson the dangers and damages.
To warn us of the danger we may be in and able to avoid, is one of the main reasons Prophecy is given to those willing to make the necessary changes.

It is a free will choice each of us will make one way or the other, for we are the only ones left here now, who are responsible for what we do, or fail to do, in our times.

The best possible way, for those who can accept it, is to first start with yourself, asking a Loving God into your heart, so you will know best what to do. Only having a Godly Intelligence within a loving heart, is going to make it possible to more clearly see, know more than our limited physical minds can in this little space and time we do see.

To be able to be guided to the “Fullness of Truth”. *2                                    *2 John 14:26                                                                                                                     The fullness of Truth promised to those who love God and one another. Small groups of like-minded friends working with each other for a better world to live in have made such a difference and hopefully will again.

There is plenty on this earth for all to have enough food, housing, education and training skills, but not if we continue to allow a few Reptilian minds steeped in inequality to control most of our economy. It has been strong-arming, set ups, blackmailing and violence, that has been these kind of leaders way of controlling, to take full advantage of others.

Any chance we have to turn the tide must be done primarily by non-violent efforts, to avoid falling into their mindset of the right of anyone to force others to do their more selfish wills of inequality.

Each of us can join with others to create networks with those you know or believe are interested in a better life, not only for themselves, but equally for all people.

There will be opposition, for the struggle is for our souls, as well as for our life work! Having morals against the hurting of others is to some, considered a weakness, might makes what is right to those who are only self-centered.

The human spirit, or our souls, would be in grave danger of being lost anyway, if we knowingly support inequality that now keeps up to at least a  third of our world’s population on a near starvation diet, as well as so many other injustices.

Many years ago I felt led by God to witness to Pope Benedict XVI, after many earlier attempts with Pope John Paul II. Going to Rome the first time in 1985, with the hope to help end so much discrimination within The Church, as one of the major places where morality should be flowing from.

To end discrimination against race or sex… was first given by God’s Holy Spirit at Vatican II, the World Wide Council of Bishops way back in 1965, yet ten years later before I would specifically hear the word of “Equality”, during my own Spiritual “Rebirth”. *3                            *3 Mark 1:18

Already it had become obvious discrimination’s were going to be continued. At least it would have been obvious to God, for raised a Protestant, I had not even heard, at that time, of such a world wide Catholic council.

Most in the top controls of The Church have tried to ignore or make light of these discrimination’s, since the death of Pope John Paul I, the first Pope elected after the Vatican council.

He had promised just three days before his death, many hundreds of women religious who had come to the Vatican to ask him to end female discrimination, as well as correct the irregularities at the Vatican Bank. Just 3 days before his most sudden and untimely Death!

Now almost 50 years later, do we have another such Holy Pope as John Paul the first was?

Pray that he is, and for his personal protection.


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May God’s Peace Be With You,

Betty C. Dudney

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Betty C.

About the Author Five years of training to become a Licensed Medical Technologist following a years of Nurse’s training at St. Francis Hospital in San Francisco. A failed nine-year marriage with two small daughters, she sought a Spiritual “Rebirth” and God answered “Equality”. After Seventeen years working in Medical Clinics and Hospitals, a Laboratory accident caused a near death experience and a weakened immune system. Unable to work in Hospitals left her free to work as a volunteer in Peace Vigils, that still go on today, Civil Rights, Farm Workers Unions, witnessing at the Vatican for an end to discrimination for the female half of God’s Image. websites; She is a Co-founding member of a non-profit Golden Rule Family and