We tend to be sexist so what to do about it?

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Introduce policies that would bring about gender equality

People tend to internalize the things they learn from older generation, books, social norms and expectations that are seen to correspond with their sexes, which I believe, in turn lead to a vicious cycle of gender inequality in the society.

With the evolution of time, the way men and women today are perceived is certainly changing, especially amongst the younger generation. However, there still exists a socially created division that categorizes men and women as having distinct identities and social roles. Men and women are not only perceived to be different, but also unequal in terms of power, prestige, and social stature.

This disparity that has been ingrained in people’s mindset, I understand, is not going to be eradicated overnight. Nevertheless, we can start by not only educating people and introducing gender related topics in schools, but also enforcing policies in recruitment, and having equitable participation in every arena.

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