Golden Rule Family

The Golden Rule Universally found, written in the hearts of most people, except for those who are born without a heart or in some way emotionally or Spiritual damaged.

The Golden Rule,  the essence of “Equality”,  as well as Equal Rights, Equal Respect, Equal Concern, Equal Opportunity.

If only enough people could “see” the value of our treating each one with equal respect and concern God’s “Equality” what a paradise on earth this could be!
Doing good, instead of evil, even to enemies, can make it possible to create friendships, or at least not to increase the enmity, and it can lesson the hatred, destruction we can see in our world!

The Golden Rule of treating others with equal fairness, in the way you would most like to be treated, is found in all the major world religions. It is also found naturally in the heart of most enlightened or Spiritual forms of life.

Yet a few humans are born without such feelings, they may have been damaged before, or after birth. Only concerned with their own self-interest, they will seek out positions of power over others, first in their homes, then in their job, or business, even in their religion or belief systems. Their pleasure comes not from any real concern or love of others but in their controlling or in their use or, in manipulating others.

Then there are others who have been physically, emotionally, or mentally damaged, who will tend to seek revenge, unless they can be healed of their hurt and anger.
It may be possible to heal some of these people when we extend love, instead of being the cause of more misunderstandings or harm. But a selfish Reptilian sort of Brain is going to act like the nature of  Reptiles and will use deception if at all possible. The same with any spiritual being such as a so called “demon” that may appear to be an “Angel of Light”.

The only way to tell for sure is the fruits, such as does the actions confirm with The Golden Rule! Or what  Jesus said summed up the Laws and The Prophets, to Love (to care equally about) One Another, even your enemies!

It may be that many of the leaders we have had over us, have been damaged in their past or even lack normal human feelings.

Many we know have misused positions of power and will continue to do so, until the equal rights of each one is morally respected as well as legally protected.

Often they try to set us against each other, male against female, or one culture against another, male against male, even to leading us into one war after another, in their greed to gain more power, fame or fortune.
History is full of Cesar’s, Kings, and even a few Queens, who have without conscience, taken the best from the rest.

As God warned the Hebrews, long ago, when they insisted on a King, like the other nations had. Warned them not to have kings or even rulers over them.         For God desires people to allow The Holy Spirit into their lives, to lead them to the fullness of truth, so they will know what is right to do.

This is what God desires for us, by the time we have reached the age of reason, and after we have experienced a spiritual “rebirth”, and willing to be guided daily by God Holy Spirit of Love.
In such a society we would need only Judges to be able to judge between disputes.

Yet rather than seek God’s better wisdom, people who have had control over us have insisted we need Kings and rulers, and they did take, and continue to take much of our wealth, as well as son’s and daughters, and much of the people’s freedom.

We continue at our own peril by ignoring this warning of history.
Do we really want rulers, rather than to be free people? Or do we even bother to think about such things?
Leaving It up to others to decide for us? Too often we have been sold a bill of goods, in believing it is better for others to rule over us?
War, like any negative, is really a battle with our lesser selves, and is against our best and highest nature. Against the Golden Rule written naturally in the hearts of most humans.

We have to learn to recognize that political, economic, even religious leaders might be leading us away, instead of towards, the Golden Rule to be able to stop them from owning and manipulating us.

Sometimes through the media, that is controlling much of our economy, as well as our minds.
They divide us by encouraging racial or sexual discrimination, Nationalism, or one’s political or religious beliefs, usually by using all kinds of media, TV, Radio, etc. primarily owned by a few large Corporations.

Yes, the deed has already been done, paper money, most of the world’s gold and silver, precious metals and jewels, most of our resources, that can be used for trade, are already controlled by less than a 2%, and over 90% in their control.
We, many not even realizing it, continue to allow it, what can we do now to change it?
They believe little, if nothing and have so convinced most, who are not comfortable rocking the boat, for the worlds economic waves are high and mighty.

We have no hope in a raft alone, except to be swallowed by a Godly whale, but in boats together those who are willing to work with God’s Holy Spirit, do have a chance.
Time after time a small group willing to work where they were, with other groups of friends such as in Golden Rule Unions, have made a great difference, and will again.

Golden Rule Unions do not have to be legal organizations. Only small groups uniting with larger groups, as the need arises, are ideal for knowing and being able to trust and communicate with like minded friends or family.

There is plenty on this earth for all to have enough food, housing, or economic skills, but not as long as we allow only a few to control up to 90% of our resources.
Primarily right now by control of economic, and banking systems, that allows them to buy out our political control and gain even military control, in many areas.
We know violence is their ultimate game, it reinforces and increases their greedy nature, any chance we have to turn the tide, must be a non-violent force, as they already have political influence own most of the worlds weapons.

First you must be take mental, spiritual control of your life, by putting it in God’s Hands, then start prayerfully creating a few small networks with others.
Those you know who really are interested in a better life, not selfishly, but for all people.
There will be opposition, so best to find those who are trustworthy and willing to share the risk with you.
Knowing our souls, must either grow, or be lost, if we knowingly continue in ways of inequality
and unfairness.
We need many to believe in, live in, the Universal Golden Rule of Equal justice, equal fairness.


Please network with as many local, national, world wide groups as you can. Hopefully you will with us here too, and let us know your ideas how and if we can help you with the network here!

A powerful prayer by Diarmuid O’Murchu:
Prayer to the Holy Spirit
Come, Holy Spirit, breathe down upon our troubled world. Shake the tired foundations of our crumbling institutions. Break the rules that keep you out of all our sacred spaces,and from the dust and rubble, gather up the seedlings of a new creation.
Come, Holy Spirit, enflame once more the dying embers of our weariness. Shake us of our complacency. Whisper our names once more, and scatter your gifts of grace with wild abandon. Break open the prisons of our inner being, and let your raging justice be our sign of liberty.
Come, Holy Spirit, and lead us to places we would rather not go; expand the horizons of our limited imaginations. Awaken in our souls dangerous dreams for a new tomorrow, and rekindle in our hearts the fire of prophetic enthusiasm.
Come, Holy Spirit, whose justice outwits international conspiracy; whose light outshines spiritual bigotry, whose peace can overcome the destructive potential of warfare,whose promise invigorates our every effort to create a new heaven and a new earth, now and forever.
Empowered by the Spirit, let us continue the mission entrusted to us.
Come Holy Spirit!