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Moms Across America

Moms Across America

Betty C. —

It’s time!!! Our Moms Across America Web Store is OPEN and our free Parade Kits to host or leaders of parade are being snapped up! We hope you will consider being a parade host or leader and simply say ” I will walk in my hometown parade ( or one nearby) with a  group of friends and family and let THOUSANDS know about GMOs in just 2 hours.”
YES MAAM! You can do it and it is SUPER FUN!!!!
We have found the easiest way to teach your kids to be a leader is to be a leader!
It is very fulfilling and family friendly. This picture of of Huntington Beach, CA, a great day!


1 parade 3 people deep for 3 miles ( medium sized parade) equals reaching 49,000 people!!!! Yes!
You don’t have to plan the event, you just show up with balloons, your MAAM tee shirts, some ” Eat Organic!” or “Google GMOs” signs, maybe convince a few kids to dress like bees, or wear our shirts and You’re IN!!


If you want to go all out, check out this car in the Lake Forest Parade last year and Alicia who started the GMO FREE Girl scout cookie petition which has over 20,000 signatures!


Thanks to our sponsors you can pass out 2000 flyers and 1000 stickers plus 150 buttons and decals for your supporters, for FREE!

NYR Organic,UNFI,Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds,Dr. Bronner’s,Applegate,Alexia,Mercola,
ChildLife,Awesum Organics,Ruby Rockets,Center for Cancer Treatment of America,Coconut Bliss,
Amy’s Ktchen,Rincon Vitova,Mustard Seeds,Kimberton Whole Foods


To be a part of creating health and freedom on July 4th and reaching millions of Americans,  just do these things.
1. Go to and search for a parade near you to join. To be a host for a new parade, simply click on “Host your Own!” and gather 3-4 families to walk with you!
2. You will get an email giving you codes for a free Parade Kit and 50% off the totes as a leader thank you. Just order by Monday, June 16th for best efficiency and lowest cost. Check out the store here.

3. Share your event and show up at the parade in a MAAM T shirt, balloons and decked out in red white and blue! ( Some parade need you to apply, but many are just show up, check with your local town hall, takes 5 minutes)

You can find a parade almost anywhere that you are on vacation and even Uncle Bob will have fun if you ask family to join in, we promise!

HAVE FUN in the parade, making a huge difference for your community and  creating Health and Freedom in America!

Thank you for your support!
Zen Honeycutt
P.S. If you choose not to march in a parade please consider donating to support our organization and for materials to empower Americans in health and freedom. Thank you!
Moms Across America

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