Just read a most interesting Book called The Brothers, John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles, by Stephen Kinzer, which is a little know story of a shocking account of the misuse of American Political and Media Power, that has brought us to where we are today, almost minus Democracy.

As Lawyers they represented part of the American Big Boy’s most exclusive Club, who used their elite contacts in business and politics as lawyers and Government officials to make not only International Corporations millions at the time, and translated billions, even trillions now and almost unstoppable, as well as made themselves very rich in the process.
A shamming example of Capitalistic greed and religious inequality for profits affecting the morality of post-imperial Europe and American men in power, and their heavy influence that has made possible the current close Military/Industrial take over of America, President Eisenhower warned us of.

The Dulles brothers, shared a common purpose, to run a world from Washington by people like themselves, with ruthless determination, they pursued, acquired, and wielded power, heedless of the consequences for others and the precedent they were setting.
Being central figures in U.S. foreign policy and the US governments intelligent Activities for over four decades.
Affecting adversely governments in Iran, Guatemala, Vietnam, Cuba and in other countries, plus helping to bring on the Cold War.
A Secret US History from the 1940 to the 80’s. A must read for those wanting to know how we got to were we are by so few in the misusing of influence and power. Another reason why the influence of The People’s Power is needed.

Found it in the local library. As it was a $30.00 book.

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