The Earth in Miniature


“The Earth In Miniature” was given to me by an “earth angel” from an anonymous Columbian Professor, where she said she came from, and just happened to be in Rome and across the hall at the “Y”, the most reasonable place to stay this time that I had been able to find in Rome.

He had reduced the population of the earth to the size of a small village of exactly 100 people and said it would look very close to something like this. “In this village there would be 57 Asians, 21 Europeans, and only 14 persons from the Western Hemisphere, and 8 Africans!

52 of these would be female, 48 would be male. 70 would be non-white, while the other 30 would be white or Caucasian.

Only 30 would be Christians, 70 would not be Christians. 89 would be Heterosexuals, 11 would be Homosexuals.
(Note: This is also known among animals, approximately same %, as varying sexual hormones are what most determine sexual preferences. Much Diversity Created.)
Less than 5 persons out of the 100 would own or have control of most of the Villages resources. Most are from or have strong ties to North America.

Of the total 100 people in the Village 80 would live in sub human conditions, that is 80% of all people. 70 would not be able to read.

50 or one half would be suffering from malnutrition with 1 person on the verge of starvation, while one person would actual starve each day out of those 100!

One would be pregnant and another would give birth to a child.

Only one of the hundred would be educated in a University. By understanding and facing this, perhaps we will want to educate others?

For can this be fully comprehended without some measure of moral concern for the well being of the whole, in this village we all must call our world?
“Yes, to reflect more deeply, if you have risen this morning with good health, have enough to eat, and no disease that is in the process of destroying your body, than you are much more fortunate than many who will not be able to survive very much longer.”
“Even more, if you are not one of those who are caught up in an actual war, or in a violent conflict, be in jail or have the agony of being tortured, or the pain of slow starvation. If you have escaped all this, than you are much safer than most of the people in this world”.

“If you have food in a refrigerator, clothes in a closet, a ceiling over your head and a place where you can sleep tonight, you are richer than 75% of the people in your world.”

“Still more, you are one of the most fortunate ones living, if you can even read this.
So work today as if you don’t need the money, Yes, even as if you have been really hurt like most, Dance now as if nobody will be seeing you.

Sing now as if nobody is listening to you!”

My addition If you really want to know what it is to Dance and Sing in the most, best possible way, than you must help to see that all those in world village, have enough to eat and a place to sleep.

This is all of our responsibility, in some way to do what we can, the desire will be found in the expansiveness of your heart.
One of the more compelling reasons may be because you see this inequality as a grave danger and disadvantage to yourself, as well as to others, and the need to make this a number one priority today and every day until equal opportunity exist for all.

Like in a war for Freedom, you must be willing to give, even sacrifice, especially at this point in history for those of us here, the last chance we may have to end this terrible inequality, that threatens even our very lives and ability to love and to know freedom.

It starts in our relationships with each other.

One by one, we must begin to treat each other with the universally known Golden Rule, with equal fairness.

For an inner Peace, more precious and lasting in our souls, or spirit, than all the hard cold physical gold we might think we could otherwise accumulate, only to find we will lose it all, when God calls for our next breath.
That great Light of The “I AM” we must all one day see, is summed up in “LOVE ONE ANOTHER”, to care for one another, not for God’s sake, that source of Creation needs nothing, but for our own sake!

It is the only way out of the Hell most of us are caught up in, or at least must now swim out of, to reach the potential eternal Heaven Here and Now, before we can have any possibility or hope of in a Heavenly life to come.
For the past 5000 years our history has been written, interpreted, and sometimes misinterpreted by the more competitive, and aggressive males were able to gain the reigns of controls, in the home, workplace, in governments.

A surprise to me was to find a lot of Archeological evidence of the many Matriarchal cultures that proceeded this last Patriarchal age, believed also to have lasted for about 5000 years. In our times, after as many as 10,000 years now since known cavemen times of humans trying to live together in different ways and now to come out of our most violent way of male only rule.

We have a real opportunity, as well as a great need, to come into the Equalitarian age, of Equal Rights, Equal Respect, and Equal Concern, not only for those who are like us, but for those who are not, in such a way that our rights are not intruding on others, or visa versa.
Everything begins within, we have to balance first our own excess or lack of, equal concern and respect for others, in our homes, work, community, so we can actually be able to treat others with an equal concern.

Living in such an unequal world as we have had is going to take some conscious efforts at balancing and creating equality in our relationships to heal, and then to share that healing.

It makes sense to do so, because all of us can find ourselves in, if we are not already aware, that we are each uniquely of some kind of a minority and have or will eventually have, a need to rely on other’s equal respect and extending equal rights towards us, to be able to live in the best possible world.

Much of our past inequalities have been allowed to continue because of so many hierarchal power systems, as well as our natural fears of those who are different and how their ways might affect us, in our past quiet primitive societies. Such fears and insecurities, as well as inequalities can be dangers to our safety today.

A safer world will require us to try to be more sensitive, intuitive, and tolerant to where others are, putting into practice the Golden Rule.

On another mental and emotional level the violence and amount of force that has been used in the past to continue the unequal traditions and customs that are in our economic and political systems, that have been going on for so long, many of us are conditioned to, and rationalize or feel we do not have the ability or energy to change it for the better?

Yet a non-violent revolution, to treat others more fairly, has also been going on and growing gradually, especially since the time of Jesus, but even from the East a quest for more peaceful living began to flourish in the times of The Buddha.

One of his first deeds of Jesus after his resurrection, was to send Mary Magdalene, to be the first Apostle to the other Apostles and his followers. To be the first to announce the “Good News, of the resurrection of one’s individual physical-spirit body into Eternal Life, possible after this life!
When we are willing to put a God kind of Holy Love into our heart, Jesus said, even for your enemy’s. Then God’s Spirit will be able to guide such a loving heart to the fullness of Truth. This is where we can also recognize ourselves as equally part of the whole. Putting us in a state of being or feeling, in the New Age spiritual lingo as “In harmonics with the whole”.
To love and do good to an enemy, is the only chance you have to make him a friend instead of an enemy”. This teaching extends our ability to love and care for others beyond just those who love us. It is not just one accepted dogma, sect, or official organization, but for “A Way” of being Spiritually empowered, that can be found in both the Eastern as well as Western faiths, expressed in the universally found Golden Rule, and also even within loving hearts, whether they belong to a specific dogmatic belief or sect.

Allowing others to spiritually be where they are, without having to take on our cultural baggage, will help us to see our common humanity. For we can only have more physical safety and security when everyone has a security net or at least the basics necessities? That is implied in a belief in equality vs. inequality.
Do just a few hundred, almost all males, have the right to take from billions of men, women, children, so much more than their share? Or does such a small minority have the right to prevent the chance for everyone to become the best each has the talent and interest to be? If the answer is No, then what is a higher goal, except maybe stopping wars and nuclear disasters, than to stop this present economic inequality?

The two must surely go hand and hand!
It will take the power of many to insist, in all kinds of ways, to create for our selves a better reality, without hurting others. What are some of the ways that this could be done non-violently?

I believe it will take many worldwide Human Rights Groups! That will have to start with local groups of friends and trusted family members coming together in their priorities.
The first we tried we called the Golden Rule Family, as a non-profit group of no more than 12, with the intentions of when it became larger, one or two volunteers would break off to form another such group, as the best way to grow and still keep small enough to know and trust those in your group to put self interest, as well as others equally to be concerned about. It is also encouraged that each form as many as 12 other small groups, of like minded friends or co-workers.

Groups can network with other groups, or work separate, to keep in touch or coordinate at times towards one decided upon goal a month or per year, for your area, or state, or nation, having at least one connecting with even other International Groups. In this way contact is kept with your own groups, but your primary efforts will be in the region where each one feels they have the most to offer and feel best working in that area, local, to national or world wide.

This is one of the best way for such groups to sustain interest, have the energy to go forward, and when necessary even doing possible fundraising for needed agreed on goals. As there should never be member dues, for these are people’s parties and the poorest of the poor should feel welcome, without taking needed funds for their survival. Donations from those who have extra would of course always be welcomed, but as a free will gift.

Such things as reasonably priced T-Shirts, maybe with a world design or local logo are possible items to be sold for fundraising, with other possible usable items, the majority in a group may have voted on. No longer used donated items or silent auctions of volunteer talents or other such things might be added, as funds might be needed.
To prevent the misuse of any group funds for maybe like eventual paid staff should be a member and first being a known member, for at least a year, even then being voted on at each yearly term, best using yes and no secret ballots.

Could also have yearly held elections for each groups chairman, secretary and treasure. We decided in our first group to have only one meeting a year as a requirement to maintain membership, out of an ideal twelve monthly meetings, which can be done by email, telephone, or by mail, as well as sometimes actually meeting for a potluck meal in person.

A simple monthly newsletter might work best for most? What ever works out best for all concerned Let us start today to build a better life and world by sharing this message with all we know or whom needs to know, each being like a stone in the building of a better world.

Here’s a new domain site for your use, that hopefully will be a networking lighthouse between a roaring sea and safety on your own land. If it gets swept away by a virtual evil, then you must build another source of networking, to stay in the Golden Rule of Spiritual light and Holy Love, that is the only real source of the best of the People’s Power.

May God’s Peace Be With You,








My God does not have a negative nature, is not the  cause of evil. I once thought that because there seemed so much of negative things attributed to God in Scriptures, before I finally realized people, even the great Prophets all are limited as to their personal perception of God.

We are each limited as to how we see Divine Inspiration, some more attuned to it than others.

Only for special reasons at special times for the good of all, does God seem to miraculously sets aside the laws of nature, whereas normally they do apply to all equally.  “The rain as well as the sun normally shines on the good as well as the bad.”

A perfect God, A perfect Spirit of Holy Love has no evil.

Some causes of evil are people putting themselves above an equal concern for others, such as greed, racism, sexism, all kinds of inequality.

We can even make a god out of selfishness. There is a god of selfishness, that overtakes the will of those who do this, just as there is a god of addiction to negative actions.

There are many numbers of negative things we can have happen to us, as well as at least as much or even more is possible to experience good things, because of living in this natural world, in our own time and space, determined mostly by the chosen natures of those who have lived or are now living in our world around us who have affected us, contributes to how we affect others.

We are advised by Jesus and most of the worlds good prophets, to stay away from negative, harmful, or what we believe are sinful actions when possible.

Especially if there is nothing we are able to do to make them more positive, for they can or will try to diminish us, or take us away from God’s equal love for us, even under the seemingly worse of life’s circumstances. Better to go towards the best possible than the worse!

Unlike a spirit of evil that will try to manipulate and control you, God will never take away your free will.  So be suspicious of the motives of anyone who does try to take it away, for that is what evil is after.

To control your soul or spirit, to make you it’s slave is the work of evil who is in this world and still controls much of it!

Don’t ever think evil does not have intelligence, whether it is in a person or as a pure spiritual form of evil, that will try to even put negative thoughts into your head, can hear what you say, but cannot know what you are thinking. Guess, or deduct maybe, but only God can know for sure or actually hear your thoughts.

We each need our own spiritual guide within us, to help confirm what is best for us, as well as others, to lead us to the fullness of Truth.

And we will be harmfully led by spirits if we do not connect with God’s Spirit.

Some may understand this or see it as their Intuition, a sixthsense, or it is our formed conscience we ourselves or others may have given us.

Certainly true to some extent, others including myself, believe there is a Spirit of Holy Love that created us, who loves us as God’s spiritual children, and who we can depend upon to give us the strength to live the best possible life, if we are willing (and when we are willing, for few are willing all the time) to follow such a Spirit of Holy Love. That we believe is the only thing that can lead us to the fullness of Truth. This is mine and many others experience and faith.

People in our past, or who now influence us, may or may not have known this. That is why we need to confirm this for ourselves or we are likely going to be misled!

We are mostly trained by school and our culture to think and act from the left side of our brain, which is called our logical or reasoning, from the information stored in our brained side.

In our patriarchal culture of the past 5000 years, logic tells us this world is a just a slightly civilized jungle and might makes right, or who owns the gold makes the rules.      And there is of course, some truth to this, but there is the other side of the brain, sometimes called the more God like part, which 99.9% of us have, that also says, Love One Another, even your enemies, for it is the only way to make a friend instead.

The best way not being the most selfish way but what is best for all of us. This kind of “Equality” or Equal Human Rights is the only thing God has given me to share and work towards.

What I have learned about this kind of intuition is that most of us are born with it, and it comes not from just your brain or logic but from the intelligence of what we call the heart, for every cell in your body has a kind of intelligence and can give us spiritual information that is connected with what can be known as The Cosmic Consciousness. Another word some New Agers or believers in the Aquarian Age, or I first heard of it in the Hippy age, prefer to use this term of Cosmc Consciousness in place of the name of God.                                                        I prefer to call it The Holy Spirit, but I like both words and both from what I know are true.

To connect with this intelligent consciousness is like having an inner compass, or a 6th sense that is sensed not just in the logic side of the brain, but can come through any of your regular five senses of seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, or just a feeling in your gut as well as heart, that something is right, or wrong.                                                   Some can “See” with an inner eye, also called the God Eye.  The center between the eyes has been scientifically electrically stimulated allowing people to see into the spiritual world, but for thousands of years that part of the brain has been known as a doorway to the Spirit beyond self. How did they know that? Ask someone Holy from India, it is found in their scriptures!

A sense that is also available but not available to the ordinary logic side of the brain, allows some to sense danger or have an over all feeling something might be right to do for them, as well as having a feeling of danger.

One of the ways to increase or develop this sense of intuition is to listen, instead of just staying in the active thinking part of the brain.

To stay in the present, to observe what is all around you in wonder, as well as to listen to what the present is saying to you. Because when we just stay in the reasoning side or talking to ourselves, part of our brain, we are going over and over past information and thinking we did or didn’t do in the past or should be doing in the future and we are not really living in the present where Reality Is, in the Now.

People who are willing to balance this logic or thinking with their listening to what is happening here and now can live in the present and they are able to see more than those who are living in the past or future and are not connecting with their present.

We have this inner guidance system that is essential to living our lives, as we would most like to do.  It really isn’t possible to do that if you don’t use it. I have tried and know many who have tried to live without this balance of living too much in the past or in the future and life just tends to get the better of us, when you don’t live in the present, or listen to that guidance system, as it connects you with more than you can possible know just with your own logic, about the past, present and future.

So how do you listen to it more? You can get in the habit of doing by starting to practice doing it each day. Just listening to where your mind leads you by wondering about what ever you see around you in the present.

Wondering about what ever comes to your mind that you might wonder about.   Asking questions even up to 100 a day, wonder about this, wonder about that, simple or complex things, it doesn’t matter, what matters is to wonder, and then to listen to what you hear, or see, with your senses or with your heart, you will start to get answers if you will try to do it.

Not try yourself to figure it out but let the answer come to you from the Cosmic Consciousness, from the God of All.

You should at first wonder about seemingly simple things like “wonder who wants to call me?” “Wonder where that Bird is flying too?” “Wonder what I should best do this morning?”                               Ask your inner guidance what you need to do, to number one get where you best could be.  When you get a response trust it and do it, if there is something you can do at that time.                                                  See for yourself but don’t give up trying, till you can connect and get some answers that feel right and true for you.

We never lose this inner guidance, but when we stay too much on the left side of the logical thinking from what we know side of the brain and do not listening to what our Universal Creator, we not only tend to become ridged and selfishly close minded, we shut out what the “Light” is trying to tell us!

Instead of becoming more and more enlightened we fumble around in the dark of our limited knowing in this life mind. But instantly, like turning on a light bulb, it is possible to turn it on again, just by being open to wondering and willing to listen, instead of just assuming we know it all, listening for answers of what you most need to know to get to where you would most like to be.

Then when you feel something to be willing to act on it, just by taking little steps one at a time.  “Ask and you will receive”, Jesus said, “Would a Loving God, give you a stone instead of Spiritual Water.  All this building of the more spiritual side of your nature must also be done with the full consciousness that you want to work only with A God of Holy Love, not any kind of a lesser god.                   For there are lesser spiritual beings that will try to mislead you if you will allow them. Negative spiritual beings can even appear as Angels of Light.   The only way to be sure not to be fooled, as they can outsmart us, is to keep your heart clean and committed to a righteous loving God, for to worship or to seek the spirit world with less, will end up costing you much more.

Part of the problem of discerning is it takes not only God’s choice as to the best time to speak to an individual, as well as to the whole, but also each one’s being willing and free of negative sin to be able to hear God’s Holy Spirit in their heart, which controls much of what the head can hear and comprehend.

Some knowledge of what in scriptures are to be taken literal, some is not, or what is symbolic, such as in a parable story form, that the message will be missed if it is taken literally, or in some scriptures are written in poetical language, such as The Psalms, Song of Solomon, Proverbs.About inspired words but also about being able, especially in our times and culture 2000-5000 years later to be able to distinguish what is specifically from God, and what is from the male only way possible for them to be able to experiencing God during those ancient times.

Today in our still sexist culture, our prejudices are incorporated into our ways of speaking and thinking, such as pronouns we use for God are human male terms.

So from childhood God is pictured in the mind, in our logic and morals as male, leaving females seemingly less than.

We have an inbred cultural sexism, not so easily changed, until one can accept that both male and female were both created in The Image of God.   Verified in Scriptures from the first or Priestly Biblical version of Creation, as well as the third Creation story in Chapter 5.

As both of these stories state “both male and female were created in the Image of God”.
This is quite unlike the more often repeated, second creation story form that is from another Hebrew tribe and known theologically to be a parable, or not meant to be taken literally but a moral tale about the influence of sin told in a patriarchal story form.

Jewish teachers, or Rabbi’s, such as Jesus, taught in parables, for this was their traditional way of teaching moral lessons.

The whole book of Genesis is a collection of creation stories handed down from the tribal campfires of the early Hebrews for thousands of years before finally being written down on parchment scrolls, somewhere beginning in 1000 to 500 B.C. by the then Priestly Scribes and one of the last books written of the 66-73 or so, other male only authored books of the Bible.

At the time of Luther he decided on 66 and soon after, in the Council of Trent around the 1500’s a total of 73 were officially voted on as Church Canon.

Part of the problem is that the language spoken and written in ancient times ancient Hebrew, the Aramaic language Jesus spoke, even the Hebrew of his time, was so much simpler than what we use today, simpler than the Greek the Church in 315AD wrote the N.T. in or English language it was later translated into.

Which means the original words has been elaborated on, interpreted, expanded, into the more complex languages of today, putting the translators translations into what the original meant, such as the word for blood brother, cousin, or step brother, was the same and not usually differentiated as we do today, and is partly why we have so many different versions or interpretations of the original words.

Surely it would be the original word of the author that counts and needs to be considered where it is questionable.

Why we need a clean heart that is able to hear and confirm the fullness of truth within us, from The Holy Spirit.

There is so much about history and cultures we either know so little about, or were written from only the victors viewpoint of those in power at the time, or that we have deliberately been kept in the dark about.

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Betty C.

About the Author Five years of training to become a Licensed Medical Technologist following a years of Nurse’s training at St. Francis Hospital in San Francisco. A failed nine-year marriage with two small daughters, she sought a Spiritual “Rebirth” and God answered “Equality”. After Seventeen years working in Medical Clinics and Hospitals, a Laboratory accident caused a near death experience and a weakened immune system. Unable to work in Hospitals left her free to work as a volunteer in Peace Vigils, that still go on today, Civil Rights, Farm Workers Unions, witnessing at the Vatican for an end to discrimination for the female half of God’s Image. websites; She is a Co-founding member of a non-profit Golden Rule Family and