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From Voicesofhumanity.org comes “In the big picture, the growth of human population and technology has made for a very dangerous situation that our current international system seems incapable of resolving.  We love our nations and religions and won’t give them up, but we must enlarge our sense of common humanity so we can cooperate fully on a global scale. We are no longer in a win-lose world, if we ever were. We have entered a world that is clearly either win-win or lose-lose. Only a powerful realization that we are all in the same boat can provide the perspective and political will needed to get us through the coming population peak without precipitous collapse. That’s the big picture.”

Couldn’t be better said. Click on precipitous collapse for a study of our dire situation by NASA

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Betty C.

About the Author Five years of training to become a Licensed Medical Technologist following a years of Nurse’s training at St. Francis Hospital in San Francisco. A failed nine-year marriage with two small daughters, she sought a Spiritual “Rebirth” and God answered “Equality”. After Seventeen years working in Medical Clinics and Hospitals, a Laboratory accident caused a near death experience and a weakened immune system. Unable to work in Hospitals left her free to work as a volunteer in Peace Vigils, that still go on today, Civil Rights, Farm Workers Unions, witnessing at the Vatican for an end to discrimination for the female half of God’s Image. websites :www.equality4peace.org; www.goldenrulefamily.org She is a Co-founding member of a non-profit Golden Rule Family and www.worldwidehumanrights.org