Witnessing for Equal Human Rights at Vatican in Rome for the female half of God's Image!
Witnessing for Equal Human Rights at Vatican in Rome for the female half of God’s Image!


Our Patriarchal language keeps us in the sin of idolatry
when we use male pronouns to describe God or use a false
male only Image of God, that creates inequality, prejudice and
hurts us all!
God is our Mother as well as Father!

A Spirit of Holy Love who can live within each one, as well as in                     others, both male and female, young and old.

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by B.C. Dudney
Many have no safety nets, thousands starving daily, and
millions going to bed hungry!
If we must fight, let it be a war for decent living wages, food,
shelter and universal education, based on ability, interest!
Universal Golden Rule tells us treat others with equal fairness.
Equal rights, respect, equal opportunity, as you would most 
want to be treated.
God is our Mother as well as Father, be sure not to worship 
a false only Image of God. See more in my book.
“Equal Rights From God”
B.C. Dudney
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Published by

Betty C.

About the Author Five years of training to become a Licensed Medical Technologist following a years of Nurse’s training at St. Francis Hospital in San Francisco. A failed nine-year marriage with two small daughters, she sought a Spiritual “Rebirth” and God answered “Equality”. After Seventeen years working in Medical Clinics and Hospitals, a Laboratory accident caused a near death experience and a weakened immune system. Unable to work in Hospitals left her free to work as a volunteer in Peace Vigils, that still go on today, Civil Rights, Farm Workers Unions, witnessing at the Vatican for an end to discrimination for the female half of God’s Image. websites :www.equality4peace.org; www.goldenrulefamily.org She is a Co-founding member of a non-profit Golden Rule Family and www.worldwidehumanrights.org